Why start something like this? Why invite others to enter a world that might certainly be dying off?

Because there are still poets, photographers, painters, songwriters. Because though the commercial world of publishing is losing its luster the grass-roots world is growing up tall and strong like a beanstalk. Because artists are growing into their shoes and becoming unstoppable superheroes.

Because to self-publish. To be true to your art. To be honest. It’s nothing new. It was good enough for Whitman, for Wilde, for Twain, for Shaw, for Stein, for cummings, for Paine, for you, for me, for Poe, for Pound…

I’m over the moon with this project. I’m thankful to Katie for being the lightning rod and believing in us, in this project, for allowing me to take liberties and risks and push things towards their momentum.

I’m thankful for our contributors. What talents. What beautiful souls.

This is going to be good.