Our contributors are as diverse as the latitudes they inhabit. I’m just so pleasantly awestruck at the talent, the humanity, the hearts of these wonderful people.

The whole purpose of this project is to circle this hard blue marble and find the amazing and honest art that lives not just in the hearts of those who are lucky enough to paid to create, but to showcase and share the art of those who otherwise might not ever have their work acknowleged. As I’ve said, this stuff isn’t juried. We’re not here to judge against or towards or wear berets and smoke pipes and proclaim that something is garbage or Pulitzer-worthy. We’re just here to share. Hopefully though this process something new and true will be born. Something that we can all fall in love with (although I’m pretty sure I’m already head over heels in love).

Here’s a list of our contributors. Many have websites. Visit them. If you’d like to join this act of solace and newness and beauty, please let me know. I’ll do my best to provide a strong platform.

Hannah Stephenson – Poet, California

Amy Lou Hettinger – Songwriter, Alaska

Jenn – Photographer/Writer, Moscow

Liesel Conrad – Photographer, London

Erin Wolford – Photographer, Ohio

Jeff Martin – Writer, Tennessee

Erika Allen – Writer, Oregon

Neranza Blount – Visual Artist, Tennessee

Stephanie Ashley – Writer, Tennessee

Lisa Kaminski – Painter, Tennessee

Gary Johnson – Photographer, Tennessee

Katie Wright – Writer, Sydney (Katie is the the “co” everything on this project)

Chrissy Dano Johnson (me) – Writer, Tennessee

Update! So pleased to announce new contributors Pamela Kearney, Corey Dyke, and Fernando Branquinho to our contributors!!

(Pamela is a dear friend of mine, who has compiled an anthology that features some of my haiku, click on her name for the Amazon link…)