Here’s hoping that everyone’s assortment of holiday cheer was pleasant and relaxing. I’m now moving into phase II of the publication process – placing all of the pieces together to make the work that has been offered cohesive.

Please keep Katie Wright in your thoughts. Her mother passed away over Christmas. The connection and respect I have for Katie is immense. She’s a bright star in my Universe and the co-catalyst of this project. Just love her so. Wrap her up a bit in your thoughts, too please?

Contributors of visual art,  I will soon be contacting you for hi-res versions of your offerings if I haven’t received one already. Hi-res just allows me to make the work shine a lot brighter in print.

It’s not too late if you’d like to contribute! January 10th is my hard deadline. I’m really, really excited about this. I’m grateful for such a project; one that’s piercing this grey winter with light and truth and beauty.

moonlight winter|edward steichen|1902|33.43.30