So I’ve decided to add a page in the back of this issue and all (hopefully) subsequent issues that features our readers and contributors in short, easily digested blasts. And since haiku is my favorite form of poetry, I’ve decided to ask for readers and contributors both to share their souls a bit and write a haiku to share that’s along the vein of each issue’s theme. The first (as you know) is the title theme: Far Away.

You know the drill:




Give it all you got. The theme for your poem needs to be “Far Away“, but seriously interpret and use that theme as you wish. You don’t have to use those particular words in the haiku at all if you don’t want to. Haiku is perfect because it’s clipped, accessible, simple, concise, fun.

Email me (haiku in the body of the email) at christine.dano.johnson@gmail.com or send a message with your haiku in the body of the message on facebook.  Remember, you don’t have to be a contributor to share. Send it to me, and I’ll publish it on the Haiku Back Page.

Spread out your fingers

and count out your syllables

then send them to me

Thanks for joining me on this ride!