First. I am completely enamored with this project. It is fulfilling and joyfully, nudgingly taxing and I keep popping over to the computer to work on the layout. It’s the best kind of work, and I thank you all for contributing YOUR beautiful work so that I have this gorgeous task of putting it all together.

Second. Katie and I have decided to make the issue purely digital for cost and design reasons. The cost to print something well, to do it justice will take funds that we simply don’t have, and keeping the magazine digital in pdf and also (maybe) issuu form will allow us to do justice to each photograph, poem, narrative and prose while saving a few saplings in the process.

Third. I am in the midst of researching some good code so that the website looks as delicious as the magazine will. Soon this rough tired old template will be gone, replaced with something as glossy and fresh. Won’t smell of cardstock or laserink, but I will try my best to use it as a platform to showcase all of you.

Fourth. I need more art! I have some beautiful pieces and am using every drop. My husband luckily is a photographer and I am digging into his catalog daily to input appropriate pieces but I would love to receive some more. If you know someone who is a visual artist who would like to share please send them my way. I like all sorts, as you know, and am not judging any of this. Just sharing. You may send your hi-res images to: christine.dano.johnson@gmail.com.

Fifth. The launch is still tentatively Valentine’s Day. I’m hoping for that with each appendage crossed but it might end up falling a little over the edge. You still love me, right?

Sixth. Love you all. xoxoxo