It’s here.

It might not be as perfect and as polished as I’d have it. But it’s here. It’s ready.

Simply go to the “Download the First Issue Here!” page and you’re ready. It’s free.

To our contributors: Katie and I are beyond grateful. Thank you for being a part of this.

To our readers: We really, really hope you like what you see and read, and hope you’ll consider submitting to futures issues.

A bit of advice –

The file is best read in “Full Screen Mode” and then scrolled through with your arrow keys. I think it’s prettiest that way.

Also, I will be seeing about getting the issue printed for purchase and distribution this coming week – and also getting it listed on several different sources (i.e. the Poets and Writers Literary Magazine database) this coming week as well.

Am also thinking that early summer I’ll be ringing on your creative doorbells once again for submissions, so that we can do this again in June or July. Send me ideas for themes! I’m thinking Missed Connections, now – but am open to other ideas (always, on everything!).

LOVE to you all. THANK YOU.

– Chrissy