Why let our collective interest in writing, creating and sharing subside because the first issue is now available? My recommendation (which I hope is approved) is that we continue to contribute using the forum of this site until the next, much anticipated, issue arrives (knowing Chrissy’s unerring enthusiasm that may be sooner than we think).

I know that the experience over the past few months of viewing the new contributions and then opening up the magazine itself was a source of inspiration. While it be known that I have a dull, dry, relentlessly boring day job (did I mention dull, dry and boring?), perusing literature and sitting back to take in art, even for fifteen minutes a day, brings me back to happiness, excitement and fervour for life.

So, without having queried this with Chrissy first (as I know she’ll agree to it) I would like to invite all our past contributors, our new contributors, our possible contributors, our hesitant contributors, our sad-at-the-moment contributors, our ebuliant contributors, our practising contributors, our well known contributors, to contribue to us over the next few days, weeks and months so that this site may continue to showcase your art and provide inspiration to others.

Please contact Chrissy using the email provided or contact me care of nopabloneruda(at)gmail(dot)com.