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Are there places you run to when you’re stuck? When your gears aren’t oiled and the pretty things that usually fall so easily from your fingers seem to dissipate before they can be born? Where do you go for inspiration, epiphanies, for the calm before the creative storm?

You can go to a museum, either in real life or via astral projection (Google Art Project).

You can go to the library, and comb the periodicals and images databases. Your own library probably holds rubies and gold inside, or you can visit another city all together (NYPLLA Public Library, San Francisco Public Library).

Or, or….you could take a long walk. I personally tend to have moments of turquoise clarity during my walks, long or short. You can do a little yoga. You can do a little pacing. You can say eff it all and go to bed and then wake up speaking in rhyme, your block unhinged, your mind and its intricate cogs and wheels running smoothly again.

So. What do you do to get unstuck? I’d love it if you shared. I get stuck up a tree quite often.



[Heidi writing.]