Recently, a survey popped up in  my inbox from Blurb (the self-publishing tool I used to create the hard copy of the first issue of Far Away). It asked me to be honest, what did I think? Would I recommend their software and service to a friend?


I was honest. I said yes. I did, however, mention that I thought they were a bit too pricey. We don’t collect any profit from the print version, as adding a profit margin would push it over the edge from expensive to WAY expensive. We also felt funny collecting even a dollar or two from this effort that to us, is more of an expression of joy than a way to  make extra money.

Blurb’s publishing software, Booksmart, is actually a really fun little program. It inputs the fonts on your computer, so if you’re like me and have an array, you’re not limited to their choices. It’s easy to upload photos, and their templates provide a lot of opportunity for creative expression. I would definitely use it again to make a photobook, or a small chapbook of my poetry with photos.

I won’t use it again for Far Away, though. This issue, I wanted to provide SOMETHING tactile for our readers. Something. I was having issues with other publishing tools and had started a full time job, which didn’t allow the time to go to local printers or even FedEx/Kinko’s. But really? That’s what I’ll do with this next one. Shop around, find out what’s more cost effective, and print on demand using a bricks and mortar business. I’ll most likely set up an Etsy shop to sell copies, and continue to offer a free pdf version (always!).

Anyway. Blurb? Yes! Love it. Maybe not for the long term vision of Far Away though. It’s a good company and the end product is beautiful. I’ll post a photo soon of my copy.