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Lately, I have been wondering whether it is better or worse for my writing to force myself to write something daily. Is it really true that repeating the task of writing on a daily basis will trigger my creativity or improve my writing generally? Sometimes, I am not so sure.

I recently reviewed a number of my old blog posts and I was disappointed by the overwhelming number of them which, to put it frankly, are crap. So many of my posts are clearly vague, amorphous attempts to write filler – they are there so that I seem to be a more regular writer than I really am.

Writing pap follows what I think is a misconceived notion that reading anything is better than reading nothing at all. This notion is one belonging to a child of the TV generation – who prefers the sound of something humming away in the background to the whisper quiet of an empty house.

Perhaps it is more true that we should only speak, or write, or produce when we truly feel a need to express a thought or an idea. Art is, after all, a sort of dialogue, which depends on the patience and interest of the reader/viewer to give it half its life.

Nevertheless, I do tend to attempt to write daily because I am afraid of forgetting to write at all. I worry that if I don’t apply myself with discipline, I may drift off into my corporate styled life and forget all about my creative passions. Are these worries valid?

How often do you write? What punishments do you endure? Are you better for it? Your comments are welcome.