On my blog, I tend to most often share fiction and poetry. But sometimes, when I’m feeling confessional and comfortable, I’ll write more personal posts, and tag them “For Real“.  It’s almost like a disclaimer of merit…me trying to clear myself of my own rigid inner-critic. When the first issue of Far Away was nearing publication, Katie suggested the theme of the sophomore issue be more confessional, more slice of life, more “real”. Since artists are generally self-absorbed narcissists deep down in their needy little hearts (or is that just me?), we thought that an issue revolving around the “for real” instead of the invented could be interesting. We’re all voyeurs, right? I’m a complete obsessive collector of stories and gossip and self-portraits. In my next life, if I continue to be a good little girl and keep my karma in balance, I’ll come back as the proverbial “fly on the wall”.

Since announcing the theme of our next issue (however casually – did I mention the next issue’s theme is For Real?), I’ve started receiving some beautiful and honest work in my inbox. There is something unifying and defining and  human about confessing our loves, our sins, our memories, our hearts as they beat in our chests. Always and forever I’m super grateful for the opportunity to share your work with a broader audience. I love that this fledgling magazine is becoming a fascinating sort of conduit.

As for specifics (though we generally don’t like specifics), we’re still looking for writing and visual art that comes from the murky depths of your soul. Honest, raw, endearing, embarrassing, confessional, happy, tragic, first love, first fuck, first loss, first pet, first cup of chamomile tea, etc. Again, the theme is “For Real”. Take whatever that means to you and run far into the desert with it, send what you find beneath the dunes to christine.dano.johnson @ gmail.com, and we’ll share it with the world (literally – did you know that artists from three continents, four countries, and six US states shared their work in the first issue of Far Away?). Our (loose, open-ended, flaky as hell) deadline is June 1st. But we’re flexible.



You can find general submission guidelines (and we do mean general) here.

P.S. I’ve been thinking about this quote from Voltaire a lot lately…

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.*

…and hope that you’ve noticed that we don’t want perfection and polish, we just want your insides…come  as you are.

*I also hope that by using a Voltaire quote vindicates myself and this project from the tsk tsks of any sort of literary and art (and grammar) elite who might be reading this late-night grasp at straws and question the validity and great purpose of this project. I quoted Voltaire – what else do you want from me?