Why do so many of us grow ashamed and embarrassed when we share our art as adults? When do we become apologetic about the things that we create with passion? When we’re children we show our boldly scrawled crayon drawings and painstakingly eked out letters proudly, our chests puffed out in front of us, insisting that our work be placed on the refrigerator. We can’t wait to share what we’ve made with the world around us. Why does this elation, this urgency and joy in sharing have to end? Why must we judge our work against others, before shoving secret leaves of paper in hidden places, forever thinking our work isn’t good enough to share?

One of the deepest hopes I have for the vision of this project, now that we’re continuing onto our second issue, is that it will stand to serve as a diving board back to that happy creative place in all of us. I want to put the work that comes from deep down in your gut on a giant refrigerator. I want everyone to see it.

Submission guidelines for our next issue, to be published Summer 2011 are here.

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