With her characteristic, terrific devotion, Chrissy has been keeping the coal fires of this project burning and generating enthusiasm for the second issue of Far Away.

In contrast, I have been sadly quiet, introspective rather than expansive about my (creative) work.

The difficulty I am having with writing right now is in part due to the fact that my internal state of mind is not well. As I have written here previously, I have recently suffered loss and this loss has finally, seemingly resolutely, caused me to view the world in a dim light.

So, while Chrissy has indicated a generous reception to all types of ‘For Real’ stories for the next issue of Far Away, I must confess that I am really interested in hearing stories that are good, profound, heart warming, and faith inspiring. I hear these stories far too rarely, as I am surrounded by cynics and working in a profession which often fosters the most malodorous motivations.

Please readers, writers, artists and other contributors, send us your stories and conceptions of love, laughter, guidance, forbearance, patience, acts of kindness, glimpses of good and revelations of God.

Katie x