Over the course of assisting Chrissy to put together the inaugural and second issue of Far Away, I have written to a number of different people to invite them to contribute. Sadly, my efforts have not been met with great reward and some of my most dearly loved writers, photographers and artists have yet to send anything through.

This morning, in the cool of the burgeoning day – a day which promises to be complicated by enquiries from clients, and legal drafting, frequent coffee trips and inescapable lethargy – I find myself wondering why the response to my solicitations has been so poor.

Is it because, like me, these authors become so absorbed by the minutiae of the day that the time to write, paint, create is difficult to find? Or is it that they want to have a whole day (or week) to devote themself to the development of the perfect piece – a work of art they can proudly put their name to?

I am not altogether sure. But, I tend to think that there is something kind of disappointing by the missed opportunity to be a part of Far Away.

True, we are not a well-known, syndicated publication to be found on local newsstands any time soon. But, we are making an effort (and every effort is valuable) to celebrate art in all its forms and with all its subjective flaws. Why not join in on that parade?

Art can come from hard work, quiet, space and time to think, yes. However, art can also come from impulse, quick flashes of inspiration and invitation. The latter may be the root of the former and either of the two may a celebrated work make.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, there is no time to be found to contribute. Stop looking. The time is now…


Katie x