Art without Jury

Far Away is a literary magazine that is currently being formed in the great big art womb. We accept work at all levels from all writers and visual artists. The goal is to create a big beautiful collective of light, dark, gossamer, new, thrilling, raw, guttural, calm. Send it to us. We will share it. We are not critics.


3 thoughts on “Art without Jury”

  1. Two questions:

    1) Where can I find your submission guidelines and other submission information. (All I can find is a sentence saying “Send it to us.” but nothing that tells me how/where you want it)

    2) How often do you plan to publish?



    • Chrissy Dano Johnson said:

      Hi Louis! I am sending you an email. I have just posted a Submissions Guidelines page….thank you for your interest!!!!

  2. Chrissy Dano Johnson said:

    Ah! Also, we plan to publish (hopefully) four times a year. Maybe more later.

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