Submission Guidelines

We’re greedy. We want it all.

Here is what we need/want in a nutshell:

Visual Art:

We love visual art, in all forms. All we need is a hi-res copy of the photograph you’d like to share or a high quality scan (in the instance of a drawing, painting, collage, etc). If you have something that you think flows with the theme of our upcoming issue (listed below), send it along! If you have something you would love that share that might work in another issue, send it! We might use it another, future issue.

The Written Word:

Send us poems, songs, haiku, short stories, novel excerpts, editorial…anything! Length is not important. If it’s on the long side, we’ll confer with you and get your permission to share an excerpt (of a longish short-story, for example).

Since we do not jury we do not require strict guidelines. Send us what you would love share with an audience, all we’ll sort out the details. This is an open process. We are not judges or critics.

You may send your work to:


Our next issue will be produced this Summer. Its theme will be – “For Real.” We will need to have work in our inbox by midnight, July 15th, 2011.

To go with the integrity of this new chapter of Far Away, we’re looking for real stories, autobiographical, confessional, etc. etc. Visual art could be a self-portrait, or of a subject that is deeply personal. We encourage you to take the theme to far-flung places. Take it literally or figuratively. We are NOT a strict and proper literary magazine. Our hearts and minds are wide open.

Remember: If you want to share it, we will share it.

**Also, we plan to produce a work four times a year. We hope we can do more.**


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