Share Far Away

If you would like to share a particular post that appears on this site, click on the title to the post and you will be taken to a version of the post which allows you to share it through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

If you would like to share the spirit of the project and/or drum up some enthusiasm for it we would also be highly appreciative of the following acts of generosity:

1. Print the magazine – leave it at your local coffee shop, library, bookstore, park bench, university lecture theatre. Single pages from the magazine, or posts from this site, are also there to be shared (just include our site link!).

2. Talk to your friends about contributing – not only the ones who consider themselves artists (or who you consider artists). As we have always stated, this project is not about showcasing the work of established writers and creators (though we like to if we can) – it is about fostering a spirit of artistic creativity in your average joe and giving him/her the courage he/she may be needing.

3. Get together with your friends on a project – Chrissy and I never would have made this magazine if it hadn’t been for the support and encouragement we offered one another. You can do the same with your friends (the virtual and the physical ones). If you are nervous about writing, painting, drawing, or creating music (more on that later hopefully), make something collaboratively… and send it to us!

4. Share us on your own website – we would love for you to feature a link to this site on your own. Bloggers are probably now all too aware that one of the few ways to generate enthusiasm for a new blog concept is to link and link in kind. We are only to happy to feature our contributors work, and we’d love it if you would feature ours.

Far Away is a transcontintental project – but we need your support to make it work. Our love and thanks goes to you for all your hard work so far, and our highest hopes move toward the future.



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